Better Call Saul 100

This is the intro episode for the Breaking Bad sequel “Better Call Saul”. How will that show answer some lingering questions? (Spoilers!)

What will we learn of Walt’s past with Gray Matter?
What ever happened to the families of the dealers killed in the prison murder spree?
What happened to Merkert?
What was Gus’ past in Chile?
What happened with Madrigal Electromotive?
What are the drug lords in the Czech Republic doing?
Who ever replaced the Mexican cartel?
What became of Marie?
What is the status of the White family?
What happened to their assets, the home and carwash?
Did they receive the money deeded to them by Walt through Gretchen and Eliot?
Where is Jesse?
Will Jesse ever see Brock again?
Where are Huell and Kuby?
What is Saul up to?
What is Ted doing?
Is the Disappearerer still in business?
Did he have to dispose of Walt’s NH cabin?
Where are Badger and Skinny Pete?
Did the money ever make it to Gretchen and Eliot to Jr?
What does Jr do with it?
Besides Merle in the Walking Dead, did the blue meth reach any people in society that we know?

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