Louis Philosophy

I was on the road this week without access to my podcast friends/partners. I started thinking about the wisdom of Louis CK, when comedy meets philosophy, and I remembered this exchange between Louie and Dr. Bigelow. It’s from Louie S04E10 (Pamela Part 1). Misery Is Wasted On The Miserable “Dr. Bigelow: So you took a…


Louis 508 The Road Pt. 2

Louie season 5, episode 8 “The Road Pt. 2”. Louie ends season 5 by sharing a condo with the insufferable comedian Kenny (Jim Florentine) on the road. Louie does a great job of keeping us entertained, even when he’s focused in on mediocre events. Please rate us and comment in iTunes. If you want to…


Louis 507 The Road Pt. 1

Louie season 5, episode 7 “The Road Pt. 1”. Louie endures a series of hardships on the road. Please rate us and comment in iTunes. If you want to connect and become a part of our WestCoastProject “Louis TV” podcast, email us, check us out on Instagram & Facebook Mike @scathingtweets Michelle @michellefromtn Listen and…


Louis 506 Sleepover

Louie season 5, episode 6 “Sleepover”. Louie manages a herd of ten year old girls through a series of NYC adventures. Pamela touches base just long enough to remind us that she’s still in Louie’s life. Please


Louis 505 Untitled

Louie season 5, episode 5 “Untitled”. Louie season 5, episode 5 “Untitled”. Louie delves into an exploration of the mind. Michelle didn’t like it but I did as Louie continues to explore the meaning of life, before birth and after death. If you want to connect and become a part of our WestCoastProject “Louis TV”…


Louis 504 Bobby’s House

Louie season 5, episode 4 “Bobby’s House”. With the help of Pamela, Louie explores his feminine side. He also endures the laughter of his daughters after getting beat up by a female stranger. Pamela caps it all off by breaking up with him when he’s in his most vulnerable state. Bobby bookends the episode, first…


Louis 503 Cop Story

Louie season 5, episode 3 “Cop Story”. Louie spends time exploring esteem and loneliness through others, learning by comparison that he may not be so bad off after all. He also proves he can be a great friend. Please


Louis 502 A La Carte

Louie season 5, episode 2 “A La Carte”. Louie goes through 3 story arcs in “A La Carte”. In the first, he struggles with pooping in public with his daughters. Louie next gives some advice to a terrible amateur comedian who leverages it into huge success on Jimmy Fallon a week later. Finally, Louie talks…

Louis 501 Pot Luck

Louie season 5, episode 1 “Pot Luck”. Louie is worried that he “doesn’t know how to live life anymore”. To remedy this he dives right in to a potluck party and has adventures along the way with surrogate mothers and various party guests. As usual, things blow up and we talk about them. Please

Louis 413 and 414

Louie’s finale reveals that he’s close to Pamela (and she likes it). This was a great fourth season and well worth the wait. It’s not clear yet whether Louie will do a season 5. Thanks for listening and please check out our “Orange is the New Black” podcast! If you want to connect and become…