Better Call Saul flashback 516


Recap of Breaking Bad 516, “Felina”. The police converge on the New Hampshire bar where Walt saw Eliot and Gretchen on the Charlie Rose show. Walt hides inside a snow covered Volvo and prays, “Just get me home. I’ll do the rest” as the police lights pass over him. He gets the car started and drives off with Marty Robbins’ “Felina” playing on the stereo. Walt makes it back to New Mexico and locates the Schwartz home. He tricks Gretchen and Eliot into delivering 9.7 million dollars to the White family via irrevocable trust in ten months when Jr. turns 18. Walt also catches up with Todd and Lydia, delivering the ricin and arranging a meeting at the Nazi compound. He says goodbye to Skylar, Holly and Jr. for the final time, revealing the location of Hank and Gomez’s bodies so she can negotiate leniency with the authorities. Walt puts his final plan into play, designing the M60 machine gun to operate by remote from the trunk of his Cadillac. The gun takes out Jack’s gang, leaving just Todd and Jack. Jesse strangles Todd and Walt shoots Jack exactly the way Jack murdered Hank. Lydia calls and Walt tells her she has consumed the ricin. Jesse and Walt part ways for the final time, with Jesse driving into the night and Walt dying in the meth lab.

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