Better Call Saul flashback 515


Recap of Breaking Bad 515 “Granite State”. The Disappearerer arrives with his passenger at the vacuum repair shop. In a twist, that passenger is Saul. Ed the Disappearerer processes him in and we learn that Saul’s new life will be in Nebraska. Saul meets Walt here at the vacuum shop and ends Walt’s grand ideas to recruit a 5 man hit team. DEA agents drive Marie home and discover that the Schrader house has been broken into and Jesse’s recorded confession has been stolen. That confession is being played at the neo Nazi compound. The DEA have taken everything from Skylar and she reaches even lower desperation when the neo Nazis invade her home and threaten baby Holly. Walt arrives at his sparse new house in New Hampshire via a 2200 mile ride in the tank of a propane truck, where Ed will continue to supply him once a month. Jesse has a failed escape attempt at the Nazi compound and they punish him by murdering Andrea. During a trip to town, Walt calls Walter Jr. and attempted to reconcile and send him a small amount of money. This fails and Walt sees his final motivation to get back home, Eliot and Gretchen acting smugly on TV.

Stay tuned with us as we get closer to the new Better Call Saul season 1 premier. We will cover that show each week in this podcast series.

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