Better Call Saul flashback 514


Recap of Breaking Bad 514, “Ozymandias”. The gunfight plays out in the desert scene from last episode. Gomez is dead and Hank is badly wounded. Things develop quickly as Walt negotiates for Hank’s life. His unsuccessful pleading involves revealing the location of the buried money. The money cache becomes a grave for Hank and Gomie. Walt points out Jesse’s hiding spot to the neo Nazis and tells him that he watched Jane die. Jesse’s fate belongs to the Nazis as they take him away. Walt runs out of gas during his exit with one of the barrels of cash and has to push it through the desert. He buys an old pickup from an old Indian and gets back home. Walt has his final confrontation with the White family, arguing then wrestling with Jr. and Skylar, he drives away with Holly into the desert night. In a final phone call home with the detectives listening, Walt chastises (and thus, absolves) Skylar for being ignorant of his crimes. He leaves Holly safely with the Fire Department staff and escapes into the night with the Disappearerer.

Stay tuned with us as we get closer to the new Better Call Saul season 1 premier. We will cover that show each week in this podcast series.

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