Better Call Saul flashback 508


Recap of Breaking Bad 508, “Gliding Over All”. This episode closes out the first half of season 5. Todd and Walt need to take care of Mike’s car and body. They do this behind Jesse’s back.

Dennis the laundry manager strives to make a deal with the DEA for a reduced sentence. Hank holds out as he now has nine inmates on the hook and without resources. Walt meets with Lydia and gets the names of the remaining crew. He then makes arrangements with Jack to wipe out these nine criminal witnesses in two minutes.

Later, Hank learns of the murdered witnesses and shares a drink at home with Walt. They exchange stories about their jobs as youths and we see a montage of cooking that represents three months of show time passing.

Skylar shows Walt the massive amount of money they have accumulated, and that she has stored, in a rented storage facility. The vast amount of cash is too big to count, Skylar has no idea how much has been accumulated. This prompts Walt to his decision, he’s out.

After an oncology test that reveals his cancer has returned, Walt meets with Jesse and gives him his $5 million. They reminisce about their early cooks in the RV and we realize they will never cook together again.

Walt and Skylar entertain the kids and the Schraders at a friendly family dinner. Hank uses the master bathroom and discovers Walt’s copy of “Leaves of Grass”, the gift from Gale with its inscription to Walt. Hank now knows Walt is Heisenberg.

Stay tuned with us as we get closer to the new Better Call Saul season 1 premier. We will cover that show each week in this podcast series.

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