Better Call Saul flashback 507


Recap of Breaking Bad 507, “Say My Name”. Walt talks Declan into distributing the meth from the 1000 gallons of methylamine. Mike is out, disposing of weapons, his computer and taking his $5 million payout and covering his team in prison.

DEA SAC Ramey shuts down Hank’s pursuit of Mike, Fring and Heisenberg. Hank doggedly tells Gomez to keep an eye on the lawyer, Dan Wachsberger. Dan is the common lawyer for all nine members of Mike’s team stuck in prison.

Jesse asks for his money a final time and Walt refuses, using Todd instead to assist him in the next meth cook. Todd tries hard, but is not very skillful at drug chemistry.

Gomez’ pursuit of lawyer Dan pays off as he catches him depositing money at the bank. Walt learns of this and tips off Mike, just in time for him to escape the ABQ police. Now on the run, Mike asks Saul to bring him his stash of cash and passports. Walt offers to bring these to Mike. Still seeking the nine names of Mike’s crew, Walt delivers the cash to Mike. In a rage, Walt shoots Mike when he refuses to disclose the names. Mike dies by the river oasis as Walt regrets his actions.

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