Better Call Saul flashback 505


Recap of Breaking Bad 505, “Dead Freight”. Lydia gets interrogated by Mike, Walt and Jesse. Proving her mettle, she makes a call to Hank Schrader, that, and a subsequent call from the Houston DEA, verifies that she was protecting them. Lydia adds further value by sourcing an “ocean of methylamine”. This leads to the train heist hinted at in the episode’s title. Young Drew Sharp bookends the adventures with the heist, a robbery of 1000 gallons of methylamine from a stopped freight train. In the beginning, Drew is innocent and free, riding his motorcycle across desert landscape. The closing scene reveals Drew witnessing the heist and paying for it with his life as Todd shoots him, eliminating him as witness to their crime.

Stay tuned with us as we get closer to the new Better Call Saul season 1 premier. We will cover that show each week in this podcast series.

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