Better Call Saul flashback 411


Recap of Breaking Bad 411, “Crawl Space”. On the run from the cartel poisoning, Jesse, Mike and Gus arrive at the pre-staged medical tent. Jesse and Gus recover quickly and visit Hector in Casa Tranquila. Hector learns that the last of his family has been wiped out. Ted tries to wiggle out of his IRS obligations and Saul’s A-Team of Huell and Kuby shows up. Ted briefly tries to escape, with little success. Hank tries to teach Walt the art of surveillance and when Walt learns that Hank knows too much, crashes their car to end the stakeout. Gus also knows Hank is getting close and warns Walt to stay away while he prepares to eliminate Hank. Walt does try to warn Hank and disappear, but his money has been given away by Skylar.

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