The Affair 202


This is episode 2 of season 2 of The Affair.

“Part Three: Alison”. Alison wakes up feeling out of place in Cold Spring and explores the job market. After a surprise visit from Cole she gets a job offer from their publishing house landlords. Noah then shows up, treats her meanly and makes up with sex in the kitchen.

“Part Four: Cole”. Coles exposition reveals that he’s a cab driver in Montauk. He gives a ride to Helen’s father who tells him that he is following Noah’s example and breaking up his marriage for an affair of his own. Cole later drops off Alison’s close and they part with an overly-intimate hug. The episode ends with a court scene of Noah facing the worst of all charge and Cole eyeing Alison and her new baby.

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Michelle @MichellefromTN

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