Better Call Saul flashback 512

Recap of Breaking Bad 512, “Rabid Dog”. Hank has teamed up with Jesse to bring down Walt. Even though he is not convinced it will work, Jesse reveals all of their criminal activity on videotape at Hank’s house. Hank is prepared to sacrifice Jesse to catch Walt and sets him up with a wire. Jesse…


Better Call Saul flashback 511

Recap of Breaking Bad 511, “Confessions”. The freight train methylamine moves from AZ (Declan) to NM (Jack’s gang). Jesse gets questioned by the ABQ police for tossing his money away. The confession happens with Walt and Skylar vs. Hank and Marie at the tableside guacamole meeting. Jesse deserts the “disappearerer” when he gets the truth…


The Americans 301 EST Men

This is episode 1 “EST Men” of season 3 of The Americans. Like season 2, this one starts fast and finishes with us wanting more. We lose Brezhnev and Annalise, gain Gabriel, Tatiana and Hans, all while Martha gets better with her Ladysmith. Please


The Americans 300 Season 3 Preview

The Americans 300 Preview. This is the preview episode for season 3. To set the scene for what’s to come in the new season of “The Americans” we talk about Holly Taylor’s role as Paige. Paige seems to be the key figure in the beginning of this phase of the show. Will Philip and Elizabeth…


Better Call Saul flashback 510

Recap of Breaking Bad 510, “Buried”. Jesse’s money is on the ground, Walt’s money is in the ground and Declan’s lab is underground. Not for long though, as Jack’s crew takes over their operation. Lydia is providing an expanding customer base in the Czech Republic. Hank and Gomie get closer to the answers. Stay tuned…


Better Call Saul flashback 509

Recap of Breaking Bad 509, “Blood Money”. Getting right back into it after almost 11 months, Blood Money is the season 5 1/2 premier and the start to the final eight episodes. Walt flashes forward to see the Heisenberg graffiti on his old house. Lydia seeks answers to purity of meth for her Euro customers…


Better Call Saul flashback 508

Recap of Breaking Bad 508, “Gliding Over All”. This episode closes out the first half of season 5. Todd and Walt need to take care of Mike’s car and body. They do this behind Jesse’s back. Dennis the laundry manager strives to make a deal with the DEA for a reduced sentence. Hank holds out…


Better Call Saul flashback 507

Recap of Breaking Bad 507, “Say My Name”. Walt talks Declan into distributing the meth from the 1000 gallons of methylamine. Mike is out, disposing of weapons, his computer and taking his $5 million payout and covering his team in prison. DEA SAC Ramey shuts down Hank’s pursuit of Mike, Fring and Heisenberg. Hank doggedly…


Better Call Saul flashback 506

Recap of Breaking Bad 506, “Buyout”. More of Todd’s character is revealed as Walt, Mike and Jesse dispose of their train heist evidence. The team has to make a decision about Todd, ultimately deciding to keep him. Mike realizes he is losing a step to the authorities and wants to take his “buyout”. Jesse has…


Better Call Saul flashback 505

Recap of Breaking Bad 505, “Dead Freight”. Lydia gets interrogated by Mike, Walt and Jesse. Proving her mettle, she makes a call to Hank Schrader, that, and a subsequent call from the Houston DEA, verifies that she was protecting them. Lydia adds further value by sourcing an “ocean of methylamine”. This leads to the train…